White Sands

White Sands Day Trip from Albuquerque

How to get there: you need a car to get there and to drive around the national monument. IT took us about 3.5 hours each way. I recommend you leave Albuquerque at around 10 am so you can arrive with enough time and arrive at White Sands when the sun is not blazing.

Cost: $5 for adults ages 16 and older

What to do:

  • Once you arrive, stop at the visitor center. Here you can see the small museum and even watch a 30 min video about this unique habitat.
  • In the visitor center you can also rent or buy the sleds that you can use to slide down the dunes. You can rent them used for $7 or new for $13, as long as you return them before a certain time (6 pm). I do recommend renting at least one of these for your group as it is really fun to sled down the dunes.
  • There are certain designated hike paths that you can follow. Make sure to take lots of water and stay within the designated path so you don’t get lost since the dunes all end up looking alike.
  • My group did a sunset tour guided by the park ranger. It starts at 7 pm and you walk around while the ranger explains how the White Sands formed, what type of animals live there, and other very interesting facts. The tour ends just before sunset so you can sit down and watch the sun go down


  • Drink lots of water
  • Plan to stay there from around 3pm to 8:30pm (the park closed at 9pm)
  • Try walking barefoot in the sand; it does not get hot and it feels great!

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