Gelato in Rome

Pro tip: if you want to know is a gelato place is good and authentic look at the pistacchio flavor. It should look kind of grayish-brownish, not green. That is the natural color of pistacchio, it should not be green!

  1. Frigidarium: you get a good deal for your money, and you can get it dipped in white or milk chocolate (would recommend). Try their ‘Frigidarium’ flavor as well! Address: Via del Governo Vecchio, 112 (Near Piazza Navona)
  2. Gelateria del Teatro: this was also one of my favorites. They have a wide variety of flavors you won’t find anywhere else and they are all made there. You can even see them making it through the window! Go out of your comfort zone and try the amazing flavors they have! Address: Via dei Coronari, 66
  3. Venchi: Venchi is a chain so it is likely you will see it when walking around. It is a little pricier but I would recommend trying it at least once. My favorite flavor was Cremino Venchi. You can also have a cone dipped in chocolate (they do it right in front of you!)
  4. Fiordiluna: my favorite gelato in Trastevere was Fiordiluna, they have a few unique flavors and their pistacchio is great! You can also get whipped cream on top! Address: Via della Lungaretta, 96
  5. Fatamorgana: Fatamorgana is also a chain. I did not like it as much but they do have a very wide range of flavors that are worth a try.
  6. Corona: this is also a family owned artisanal place so you know its fresh! They have seasonal flavors and sometimes come up with unique ones of their own. Address: Largo Arenula, 27.

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