Frascati Day Trip

After being in Rome for about three weeks we wanted to get a break from the heat and the herds of tourists. Looking up easy day trips from Rome we decided to go to Frascati. We went there on a Tuesday which was probably not the best idea, I would guess there is more activity and life to it during the weekend but we still enjoyed it.

What to do

  • Walk around and explore! Frascati is really small so go through small streets and take a peak into how people live.
  • Visit Villa Aldobrandini. You an either see it from outside or you can purchase tickets in the tourist office on the building that is upstairs from the train station.
  • Eat porchetta and drink white wine
  • Do a wine tour. Although we did not do this because we did not have time, I have heard great things about it. Their number is +39 328 389 8372 and they also have a website


Where to eat

  • We had lunch at ‘Il Tettuccio‘ (Via Gioberti, 27) and we really liked it. It seemed more local than the restaurants where in Rome. We had the nut raviolis and the spinach, ricotta, arugula,  and blue cheese raviolis and they were really good.
  • We had gelato at Biolee, (Via Ajani, 16). They have organic gelato with no preservatives or GMOs!
  • Although we did not try it the best restaurant is apparently Cacciani (Via Armando Diaz, 13). Keep in mind it might be on the pricier side.

How to get there

  • Frascati is just 30 minutes away from Termini. You can buy tickets at the station fro €4.20 roundtrip. Once you get off the train, follow people up the stairs and you will find yourself in Frascati. There is a train every hour but you can also check the schedule in the Trenitalia website.

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