Capri Day Trip

What to do

  • The Blue Grotto is probably the most popular attraction. There are two main ways to get there: you can get a bus or go with the boat tour. Going into the Blur Grotto costs €11 for 5 minutes inside of the grotto. Note: the boat tour price does not include the Blue Grotto price.
  • Natural Arc in CapriArc Naturale is beautiful and I highly recommend it. Make sure you do the hike starting from the top and going down, this will save you a lot of going up steps. This means you should not start next to the orange hotel called Punta Tragara, that is where you want to end. Start through the path that is through the towns streets, that you way you will get to the Natural Arc without going up that many steps. Then when you are going back you will see a sign next to the restaurant that points to Grotta di Matormania, go down this path and you will get the most amazing views. This path will lead you to the orange hotel and then to the Capri town.
  • Visit Anacapri. We did not have enough time to get to Anacapri but I really wish we had. I have heard amazing things about it so if you are able to get there, please do. You can get there by taking the bus or by walking (about 1 hour)
  • The Gardens of Augustus offer some of the best views and are only €1 to enter.
  • Be sure to walk around the town and get away fromthe main streets so you cansee the houses where people actually live. You will find beautiful gardens and ceramic tiles naming the houses.

House in Capri with purple flower on the walls

  • Although we did not make a boat tour, I have also heard it is beautiful as you go around the island and get to appreciate the beautiful rock formations and the contrast with the blue water.

Getting there: 

  1. Take the train from Rome to Naples
  2. You need to get from the train station to the port. You can either walk, take a cab or take bus. The walk is about 30-40 minutes and is not really enjoyable because it is through a dirty part of Naples. The cab has a fixed rate of € 11 and € 15 on weekends, but make sure to arrange the price before you get into the taxi. They stand right outside the station.
  3. Then you take the ferry from Naples to Capri. There are different types of ferries, some slow ones (more expensive) and faster ones (about 45 min). You can buy the tickets online or in the ticket office in the port. Be ready to make a line if you decide to buy them there. If you buy them online you still have to go to the ticket office to print the boarding passes.
  4. Once you get to Capri Island you can take the Funicular that takes you up to the town of Capri. You will find the ticket office to the left of the port and the funicular station is right in front of the port. The tickets are € 2 each. There is a funicular every 15 min and each one fits 70 people so you will most likely have to make a line. You could also go up walking but this will take more time, on the way down you could walk but it is probably a 30 min walk.
  5. Once in Capri you walk around the town or can go to the different hikes. There is also a bus that takes you up to Anacapri which is the second town in the island.


We did Capri as a day trip from Rome because we were on a tight budget and staying on the island or in Naples can be expensive. If you are going to do this be sure to take the earliest train you can find so you can make the most of your time in Capri. Our train departed from Rome at 5:30 am and our ferry was at 9:30 am. We also got the last ferry back (6:15 pm) to make sure we had the most time in Capri. If you are going to do Capri as a day trip you will have to choose what you want to do and what you will leave out. You will not be able to do all the hikes but we really enjoyed the Arc Natural one as it gives you a very nice view of the island and the arc is beautiful.


Restaurants in Capri are very expensive so if you are in a budget pack your own lunch from before hand or look for Capri Pasta that has cheaper deals.

What to take

  • Do not forget to take a water bottle, there are some fountains where you can refill it
  • Sunscreen is very important!
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the walking
  • Take snacks for along the way
  • A camera to take pictures of the amazing view!



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