Orvieto Day Trip

How to get there?

You can get a train from Roma Termini to Orvieto. The train takes about 1 hour 30 minutes, I would recommend buying the tickets ahead of time online so you can compare prices at different times. We were able to get it for € 15.60 roundtrip. Once you get to the Orvieto station you walk out and buy a ticket for the Orvieto Funicular which takes you the main city. The roundtrip costs € 2.60.

What to do

  • My favorite part of Orvieto was to walk around the town through the little streets. Do not stay on the main street the whole time, definitely try to explore the little streets that branch off and are more residential. These are truly beautiful.
  • The main attraction is the Duomo di Orvieto, the main Cathedral. The outside is beautiful but you can also go inside for € 4.
  • We did the Orvieto Underground tour and I really recommend it. Although it goes unnoticed, Orvieto is standing over a large amount of caves. This tour will show you some of these caves and you’ll be surprised at the amount of history they have. The price is € 6 and € 5 for students. The ticket office is right in front of Dumo di Orvieto and they have tours in Italian and English.
  • There is another church that I also really enjoyed called Chiesa di San Giovenale which was built in 1004. It is great to compare this simple church with the decorated Duomo. The view you get beside the church is also amazing.

How much time should you spend there?

We arrived at Orvieto at 10:14 am and left at 7:38pm and we thought that was a fairly good amount of time. It was enough time to walk around and see the main things in Orvieto and a longer amount of time might be too much.



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