Yayoi Kusama at the Hirshhorn Gallery, Washington DC

Since a while I back I have been interested in Yayoi Kusama’s work and what goes into it. She has a very interesting life story that in my opinion gives way into her very interesting installations. From February 23 to May 14 2017 the Hirshhorn Gallery in Washington DC has some of her works and infinity mirror installations displayed. This exhibition has been very popular perhaps because it is very photogenic and because people are interested in the crazy combinations of dots and colors.

There are two ways to get tickets for this exhibition:

  1. Every Monday at 12:00 PM they release online tickets on this link for the following week
  2. You can make make a line the day you are planning on going. They release the tickets at 10:00 AM but during the week people start lining up at about 8:15 AM

I did the second option as the website shut down o Monday and tickets where gone after 4 minutes of the release.

You may ask if it is worth it to do such a long line for an art exhibition. The answer varies. It totally depends on you. If you love modern art and Yayoi Kusama in particular then go ahead and do the line. Take a good book and read while you make the line. If you are going just because of the hype but are not really interested in art maybe it isn’t worth it. I would say you are missing out because I though it was amazing, but you will be making a lot of lines.

Once inside the exhibition you are allowed inside each room for 20-30 seconds (don’t worry this is enough time to see it and take some pictures). To enter each room you will have to make more lines but they aren’t as bad since there are pieces of art around you and the lines are not as long. (Note: If you go alone, you will be able to skip some of these lines if you are willing to go into the rooms with two other people.)

There are about 5 infinity mirror rooms plus the colorful polka-dot room and many of her pieces and sculptures. It took me about 2 hours to go through the whole exhibition plus the 2 hours I waited to get the tickets in the first place. So if you have 4 hours to spare one day, go ahead and visit this wonderful exhibiton!


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